Mark and Beyond Bodywork has been growing and traveling the world these past few years.  Because of high demand, Mark is booked three months out and traveling two to three months out of the year.  Now is the time to gather a circle of talented healers to offer you a support team to assist you in your well being and health priorities. All of these therapists have either worked with Mark and or his teacher Dr. Fred Mitouer over the course of several years.  We are excited to be able to work together and in community.  Contact one of these transformational agents in between sessions with Mark.


Alexander Rosan

Alexander Rosán has been practicing bodywork for 5 years. He has studied various forms of Eastern, and Western medicine which he incorporates into his bodywork as well as post-treatment suggestions. Having taught yoga for the last 8 years Alex combines his understanding on the scientific, and anatomic level with his powerful ability to connect intuitively. Alex most enjoys the opportunity to create lasting relationships with clients, and helping people come into their ideal state of well-being.









Bryan Harrelson

Bryan Harrelson has been practicing massage since 2011 when he graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage where he studied the Swedish and deep tissue modalities.  He has also studied with Fred and Cheryl Mitouer learning Transformational Bodywork techniques.  Bryan specializes in creating a total experience that includes relaxing and therapeutic elements.  He also enjoys working with aromatherapy.  So whether you need to just decompress or whether you need deep muscle work or whether you need a little bit of both, Bryan can create an experience catered to your needs.

(415) 828-4856

(415) 828-4856

James Girard

This calling into massage therapy has taken me on a tour of disciplines. Each of my career path choices, from service, to my hours of pre-chiropractic study in Biological Sciences, to a Bachelors degree in Psychology has helped shape my understanding of health and wellness. And each choice has brought me into alignment with the strong, intuitive healer that I have always been. 

My style of bodywork can integrate elements from several traditions, including Swedish, Thai, shiatsu, deep tissue, and myofascial release.  The goal in our session is to find the right balance that will offer you therapeutic and restorative relaxation.   

From my own personal experience, past injuries or subconscious stress/irritation can keep the body from its normal, free-working range of motion. A release of those tensions can restore the body to its natural, joyful, pain-free balance.

I believe that an alternative solution to pharmaceutical or even surgical remedies is to view pain as a symptom; and go looking for the underlying condition. By unlocking areas of both physical and emotional trauma, we allow the body to heal and transform itself. That is the work; that is the journey.  

(775) 750-1074   

(775) 750-1074


Angie Haviland

Angie began her Reiki Master journey studying with Laura Bruno in 2007 and continued her specialized training with Kathleen Prasad, a master teacher of animal Reiki, at Bright Haven Animal Sanctuary in Santa Rosa, CA.   In 2009 Angie deepened her studies and began an intensive bodywork training with Dr. Fred Mitouer and Cheryl Mitouer in Mendocino, CA., at Pacific School of Massage.  Here she delved into the human realm and blossomed into a healing art specialist, combining both animal and intuitive human healing techniques.  Welcome Angie into your home foster a dynamic healing presence for the entire family.  A full session can include Healing Reiki for the Pets and Bodywork for the People.  Balance and harmony are a natural byproduct of this unique holistic healing experience.   To make an appointment and find out rates for individual sessions (both Pet and People), as well as full-family combo packs, call today.

Angie's private practice is outcall only, please contact her for rates and services.