The Soul Whisperer Project (SWP) is raising awareness of how somatic based therapies, (Transformational Bodywork) has shifted from a luxury to a profound necessity in the evolution of the modern world and each human being.  Over the past several years Mark has traveled across the Unites States twice, Mexico twice, Central America, Bali, India and Africa sharing these technologies of freedom.  The SWP is a movement in educating humanity about the power that lies in facing ones demons (Shadow Work), transmuting familia karma that is held in the body and embodying the full essence of ones soul purpose.  The mission is to educate and activate individuals to be more empowered in themselves and in the world. Soulful embodiment is a natural byproduct of this work, which creates more meaning and purpose in the participants lives and their communities.



Transformational Bodywork is an attuned and precise deep tissue somatic technique with in-depth dialogue and perceptual shifting.  Mark’s keen ability to hold space for people and to facilitate clients to their own answers allows them to become more authentic, creative and passionate in their lives.  Mark’s mentor Dr. Fred Mitouer says, “it is a process of sculpting awareness through the body, liken to an archeological dig, searching for the relic of ones preciseness.”  After a dozen years and thousands of clients Mark has distilled his work into this one sentence, “I accompany people to a place in themselves where they can hear the whisperers of their own soul.”


This collaborative hands-on somatic interactive workshop dives into the Chinese five element model (touch for health) of Meridian/Muscular/organ/psychological/emotional interconnectedness.  In addition there will be self care techniques and practical exercises that will translate into anyones life. There will also be discussions on how to cultivate an allied relationship with the unconscious shadow.  This information is a powerful compliment with the expanding transformational bodywork Mark does with people.  It assists participants in integrating and grounding the major shifts that occur in the private bodywork sessions. 


The closing circle in our Dallas Anatomy of Emotion workshop.

The closing circle in our Dallas Anatomy of Emotion workshop.

The schedule of the 2016 road trip with cites and hosting studios.



     Santa Cruz, CA.,  Feb. 5-10th @ Pleasure Point Yoga

San Diego, CA.,  Feb. 19-25 @ TBA

Albuquerque, NM.,    Mar. 10-17 @ Sweat Yoga

Santa Fe, NM.,   Mar. 18-24 @ Uplifted Fitness

Dallas, TX.,   Mar. 30-Apr. 7 @ UpTown Yoga

Austin, TX.,  Apr. 15th-18th  Private sessions only

  Panama City, FL.,  Apr. 18-28 @ Balance Health Studio

                                                                     Washington D.C.,  May 14-16 @ TBA

                                                                         New Jersey,  May 20-30 @ Complete Health Yoga

                  Fort Wayne, IN.,   Jun. 10-15 @ TBA

            Madison, WI.,  Jun. 17-22 @ Perennial Yoga

             Minneapolis, MN.,  Jun. 25-July 1 @ TBA

          Denver, CO.,  July 7-14 @ Core Power Yoga     

 Reno, NV.,  Nov. 5-6 @ Temple Yoga

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Mark Anthony Haviland has been practicing in the healing arts for 15 years. Over the past 5 years he has been co-teaching with his mentor Dr. Fred Mitouer in Mendocino, California. The past several years Mark has been traveling the world learning, sharing and exploring the human experience on a deep psychological and emotional level. He has come back with keen insights into the underlying patterns of the unconscious and how it manifests in the body. He has been inspired to share these insights on a broader scale offering workshops and now intensive retreats to accompany participants to explore, discover and excavate the underneath places within individuals. With perceptual, practical and hands on ways of articulating these complex matters, Mark has been called a ‘Soul Whisperer’. Mark says, “I accompany people to a carved out place where they can hear the whisper of their own souls.”

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Balance Health Studio in Panama City, Florida

Balance Health Studio in Panama City, Florida