David K., San Francisco, CA

Mark's bodywork is like a performance/dance piece played out on your body.  Each session is different, and lovingly created from a place of deep intuition to fit your body's needs.  My body is in far better shape after working with Mark.

Wendy Y., San Francisco, CA

Beyond Bodywork with Mark Haviland is out of this world. There are not enough stars, really.

As a yoga teacher and body conscious woman, I've had many great experiences with bodyworkers over the years. I have never committed to a body worked like I have with Mark. 

Mark has a gift for knowing exactly what your body needs at any moment. His hands and intuitive attention exorcise away years of trapped tension, trauma, pain and life experiences.

Mark Haviland is by far the greatest bodyworker I could recommend.

Lewis D., San Francisco, CA

Beyond Bodywork is an apt name: Mark truly understands the way the body holds onto emotions, and how unleashing those holds can lead to emotional and spiritual breakthroughs. His work is holistic and very healing. Mark is adept at a range of massage techniques and styles, and varies them according to what I need in any given session. Most important, he truly listens--to my words and the energy surrounding them. His bodywork makes me feel truly grounded and gives me energy to carry into my life.

Miss Rosie, San Francisco, CA

Mark is AWESOME!  I've been seeing him for nearly a year now, and in the last 5 months I've started seeing him every week. I am an athlete and performance artist and I train a lot; the regular care I receive from Mark allows me to recover faster, and allows my body to work better overall. I've learned a lot from him about my body. He serves not only as my body worker, but as a listening ear also. When I'm having a rough time, or a great day, he listens. I tell him what's up with my body and my emotions, as the latter usually has an impact on my physical well being.  Thank you Mark for helping me to be the physical performer that I want to be!

Susan L., San Francisco, CA

I too have been to many a therapist and healers and Mark is definitely one of the most gifted, grounded, present human beings I've had the fortune of sharing my life with. Mark is one of my most trusted counselors/guides. 

I first started going to him several years ago because I needed a good body worker. And now I continue to see him, because he's able to guide me through the things I'm dealing with in my life both with his insightful words and the work we do on the table. I feel safe and loved, challenged and supported, often times leaving his often either completely relaxed or ready to talk on the world. 

He's helped me open up and let go of so much, to see how strong and capable I am, and how beautiful and loved I am. Mark has contributed so much to my life--with my physical pains and in spiritual journey.

Don't wait, don't think about, just call Mark and make an appointment, take a step toward the healing of your body, mind and spirit.

Isa I., San Francisco, CA

Having worked with over 30 massage therapists in my life, I can confidently say the work Mark does is absolutely Beyond Bodywork. First, his work takes you to the edge of your resistance and then, through the multifaceted and dynamic modalities he uses, he helps you move through your resistance allowing your body and being to open to new places of expansion. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's not. Always though it is a healing experience leaving you a different person than when you entered the session. 

Mark has a way of being that holds space for you as you are, moment to moment. He adjusts with you, working in the moment to accommodate what is perfect for the Now. His touch is sure and his movements inspired. He works holistically in a way that heals not just the muscles,but everything about you in body, mind and spirit. 

Mark is a healer -- in a very grounded and down to earth way. To say I highly recommend him is a huge understatement.

Robin G., San Francisco, CA

Mark Haviland is the real deal. His work is truly beyond amazing! Words escape me in attempting to explain the transformational experience working with him has been for me. Every session is custom & tailored to what I need that I may or may not even recognize in the moment. His abilities as an intuitive are true. I highly recommend making an appointment with him or even just calling to find out more. Just be prepared to be blown away :) and let the healing begin.

Hannah J., Truckee, CA

Mark....aahhh Mark. If you are looking for a bodyworker, this is as good as it gets! Mark's work on me catapulted him far beyond the category of bodyworker and took him closer to healer, magician, exorcist: he exceeds any category. 

Mark intuitively knows what your body needs and what you are holding on to that no longer serves you, and he takes you through a journey of healing and self discovery that is rivaled by no other I've ever encountered. He knows how to take you to your edge, challenging you to reach inside of your self while simultaneously finding comfort in the knowledge that you are safely held throughout your journey. Mark is kind, intuitive, motivational, gentle yet tough, and took me to a place in my body I could have never imagined possible. Mark's work literally left me lighter and brighter than I've ever been in my life, and my body has changed for the better for good. 

I cannot recommend Mark's work highly enough, there are not enough stars on here to adequately express how wonderful he is! Book yourself a session today: you may just change your life.

Deborah D., Carmichael, CA

Mark is amazing!!  I have had a lot of massages and I have had a lot of therapy, but those were in a totally different category.  Put the two together in a way that you cannot possibly imagine and you have a session with Mark!  He has a gift that is beyond words.  He knows how to get you to those deep places, physically and emotionally, in a way that is both nurturing and to the point.  Time spent on his table is an awakening experience and life changing.  He is a gift and I am so blessed to have crossed paths with him.

Sarah K., Albuquerque, NM

I recently experienced Mark's body work at an immersive yoga teacher training, where he had been hand-selcted  as part of our nop-notch staff to support our experience.

I have had many, many massages over the years and was, myself, a massage therapist for a time, some years ago; I am very picky. As we know, not all massages (or therapists) are created equal. 

Mark is truly a stand-out. Be warned: this is not (or, at least, wasn't for me) your typical zone-out and bliss-out massage (those are great, too, of course).  Mark is exceptionally intuitive and knows how to connect with you, is not afraid to take you where you need to go, and creates a safe space for you to go there with him. If you are looking for transformational body work, don't miss the chance to experience Mark's healing hands.

Janet A., Mendocino, CA

Mark's Gifts transcend Beyond Bodywork.

The power of his Gifts are measured in the levels and depths of transformation each of us experience every time we are in his presence and on the table! He shares his Gifts & Wisdom with a Generous and Open Heart...

His hands always find that spot that needs to be cracked open...not for the faint of heart...his intuition serves him well with the knowing of just how far and how much is needed in that moment! 

Mark has been working on and with me for 4 years...I honor and cherish our bi-weekly sessions which when finances were dictating cutting back our sessions were non-negotiable...My Life & Well Being is served well as a result of consistent sessions!

Give yourself a Gift ~ one session with Mark will change your Life!

John H., San Francisco, CA

I've been receiving massage and bodywork for nearly 30 years, during which I've been a long-term client of a few amazingly gifted healers; but Mark is definitely the best of them all. 

Mark is an expert in more different healing methodologies than anyone else I've known, and he never stops learning new techniques. But more important is his ability to be present with the client, to perceive and intuit what the client needs, and to give exactly that. He sometimes accomplishes in one session what might have taken months with another therapist. He can be a gentle breeze or a bulldozer, whichever you need at that moment.

A previous review said you feel like a different person after a session with Mark. That's no exaggeration -- I've felt it many times. Give it a try!

Naushad G., San Francisco, CA

Mark is a true healer! His talent as a massage therapist is better than anything I've seen. More so than that, Mark has an extraordinary ability to connect on a deeper level and figure out what my body needs. He uses a delicate balance of strength and finesse to release points of tension that I didn't even know could exist. 

I have been battling some chronic injuries for several years and never felt better than after my sessions with Mark. He is also an extremely caring and friendly person who loves what he does. Don't waste any time and schedule an appointment with him as soon as you can!

Mark is a gift from God.

Dionisio C., El Sobrante, CA

In my  second sessions with Mark I did an amazing cleanse and release of who knows what.

I felt that Mark allowed me to access parts of me that are just not available via the rational thought process (therapy or workshops) of communication I am most used too. 
When the session was done I couldn't fully stand up. Tears of gratitude were dropping down holding me flat to the table feeling close and connected with the heavenly spirit realms. I am not sure what happened. I felt much more light and open!

Plus, when I look into Mark's eyes he provides me with a sense of clarity and benevolence that informs me he is doing is own work.

Thanks Mark.