Here is some powerful feedback from these amazingly brave individuals I met on the road.  Some of them received a full session and some were picked in the Anatomy of Emotion workshops to be a demo.  In either case there were some serious transformations and the work had a huge impact in the communities we went into.  I am so honored to be able to hold space for this work to be done.  Here are just a few of the responses I have received from participants of The Soul Whisperer Project.


I am so grateful to SWEAT yoga studio for bringing Mark to Albuquerque. His workshop was so powerful. And, I was able to have a private session with him that was probably the best massage, emotional release, personal realization and spiritual experience I've ever encountered. Thank you Mark, you are truly a gifted, special being. Transformational!!


My experience with Mark transcends words. That was the scariest and most necessary thing I may have ever done. My hat is off to SWEAT Yoga Studio for once again providing a life-enriching experience. It is in you all I have found my community and a safe place to meet myself. Mad Love!!


Thanks Mark Anthony Haviland. It was truly a life changing experience. The world needs this work!!! I am so happy to have been "volunteered" for demo. It was meant to be and can't wait for the real session in August. Thanks Carrie Post and Sweat Yoga for always inspiring me.


I want to tell you that in the past 2 weeks since my 90 minutes with you, I have thought about the experience every day.  It has had an enormous impact.  

I was amazed and also disappointed (was it enough?) that not a single muscle fiber was sore the next day .  On the table, the body work felt extremely intense. (Maybe the daily ginger/turmeric supplement I've been taking for years really helps inflammation ).  What I did feel however was a lightness in my traps, scapula area which is where I am often tight.

My knee was full of fluid the day you worked on me.  It improved enough that I went on a beautiful day hike the very next problem!

I'm so excited that you are sharing your gift with so many others.

Thank you.  


I hope we meet again soon. I can't get you off my heart. You are

amazing. Finally someone has helped me find a way to find the real me.

I feel hope again for the first time in years. The last time I felt

this way was when I was 22 and surrounded by all my friends in college

blitzed out of my mind in a bar and I thought nothing could be better.

Completely numb yet surrounded by people I loved, I thought that was

the best feeling in the world. Feelingless and now I feel so much hope

because I feel my feelings.


I am in awe of you and what you are doing. I have spent 17 years in

therapy and am on the highest dose of 3 anti depressants and on anti

anxiety medications so I can function. I have PTSD, flashbacks,

nightmares, it has wreaked havoc on my body and this is the healthier

me. 15 years ago I was actively suicidal, drinking a gallon of vodka a

week, having unprotected sex with strangers and weighed almost 400


I have made so much progress in that I don't drink, I don't have sex,

I've lost over 150 pounds, I take care of my body and have boundaries,

but I am so far from where I want to be. I go to therapy two times a

week with the best incest recovery therapist and he has

helped me tremendously, but what you helped me do in 30 minutes I

haven't been able to do in 15 years.

I can't explain what you did, but I cried thinking about it today.

What I didn't tell you is the profound impact you have had on my life.

I want more of your help.


thank you for reading and following along