Mark travels the world to collaborate with other teachers and institutions to bring a bodywork component to workshops, yoga retreats and trainings. Integrating transformational bodywork into these gatherings allows for a deeper experience on both an individual and group level.

See below for a listing of upcoming events. Interested in having Mark be a part of your next event? Send him an email.


Calendar of Events



Pilgrimage to Jadakh India
Led by Jody Greene 
July 29 - August 14, 2014

Grief + Growing
Bereavement Workshop 
August 21-24, 2014









California Institute of Integral Studies
Ancient Chinese Healing Tour
October 18-25 2014

Mark Morford's Everyday Sourcery for Urban Mystics
October 22-26 2014


The Anatomy of Emotion
Ascend Body
November 23

Bodywork offering in Chile


January 2015

Bodywork offering in Chile